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We’re campaigning for a world of work that’s fair and equal to all, where small businesses can survive and thrive, where remote workers can be free from the isolation of home-working.

During 2020 as a direct result of COVID 19, more than half the UK workforce was relocated and is now working from home or has dealt with some form of work-space disruption. In Wales at least 30% of that workforce may never return to the traditional work environment, while others can expect to work from home well into 2021.

Lets End Home Office Blues

Working from home has been proven to cause a whole range of issues, including increased isolation, displacement, reduction in motivation, and increase strain on family relationships.

On 13/09/2020 The Welsh Government released a statement stating that they now expect the majority of their staff and 30% of workers in Wales to remain working from home permanently. The Welsh Government has stated that; “it wants to give workers across Wales more flexibility to work remotely and believes this has the potential to drive regeneration and economic activity in communities”.


"For over a decade we have offered agile workspace that is safe, clean and secure, at locations that have been otherwise overlooked as potential work-hubs“
Mike Scott - Director Indycube

Community Workspace Pilot 2021

Inspired by new changes in the workplace, Indycube will expand its coworking network into new rural wards and regions. We will support businesses and organisations that have underused commercial or community workspace and help them to repurpose their space to accommodate coworking and hot-desking, We will then match these with work-from-home private and public sector employees, freelancers and self-employed remote workers, offering a safe, COVID compliant, local place for them to work, long term.

Initially, we aim to pilot our scheme across the rural wards of Swansea (while further supporting and enhancing our existing network), working with assets that already exist within the local environment.

These could include.

  • Traditional Office Spaces
  • Community Centres
  • Church Halls
  • Sports Halls
  • Fitness Centres

Wrapping Up.

Through our rural network pilot scheme and on the ground research, we aim to show that in the short term coworking spaces maintained and developed at a local level can have an immediate recovery response and offer a positive impact on the damage caused by COVID19 workplace displacement.

Short Term

  • Provide an immediate and easy to manage alternative to home-working
  • Provide spaces that are local and community sensitive; local people can more easily track, trace and be vigilant to the potential of new cases? 
  • Have a faster and more appropriate response to local COVID outbreaks and lockdowns  

Long Term

  • Allow coworkers an improved sense of structure and workplace camaraderie at a local level
  • Build new revenue streams for local space providers
  • Reduce the need for unnecessary commutes and the use of public transport
  • Help support and build a more resilient local economy; work local, shop local, live local  
  • Increase the focus on active travel as an alternative to public and private transport
"We have always believed local, community-driven coworking spaces can have a significant impact on regeneration at a local and community level"
Mike Scott - Director Indycube

If you would like to take part in our coworking pilot, or if you have a venue or location you would like to discuss please get in touch. 

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